About Us


Red and Black Solutions’ mission is to provide end-to-end digital marketing solutions that focuses on the success of your business. It is our genuine care for others that sets us apart from other companies. While they may be purely process driven and money hungry, we aim to provide digital marketing that focuses on the well-being on your business and everyone we work with.

Through her own endeavours as an entrepreneur, our founder, Linh Podetti, discovered just how easy it was to be cheated by digital agencies and workers, including Australian agencies and individuals hired from overseas. She learnt that even pricey Australian agencies can leave you with poorly delivered websites and SEO services that lock you into expensive long term contracts, despite the initial fortune you’re already forced to pay.

It was through trial and error for her original small business that Linh gathered experience and expertise in sourcing global talent that shares her ambitions of providing reliable, top quality service.

Red and Black Solutions remains affordable by being able to tap into the existing global pool of talent. Working with us allows individuals from all over the world to access well-paid employment opportunities, and allows other businesses to access affordable solutions regardless of time zones. This global pool of talent is combined with local project management in Australia who are able to understand your business needs and the necessary components for growth.

We also work with other digital agencies to provide on-demand services that are ideal for temporary relief during peak seasons, without having to hire long term employees that can’t be maintained if business were to slow down.

Find out more about how we can help grow your business online by contacting us today.