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  • How to Plan an Effective Social Media Marketing Calendar

    How to Plan an Effective Social Media Marketing Calendar

    Let’s be honest. We’re not all wordsmiths. And to be realistic, even talented writers would need the time to plan their content. If you’re not using your time to plan your social media marketing calendar, it would only make sense that you’d find yourself rushing around trying to find quality content to share across your […]
  • 12 Fonts That Are Worse Than Comic Sans

    12 Fonts That Are Worse Than Comic Sans

    Comic Sans has always been the butt of every typeface joke. If you want your content to be taken seriously, I advise you steer clear from the said font. Why? Obviously, Comic Sans does not connote a serious tone nor does it look professional Not convinced? Here’s what the creator has to say about Comic […]
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    Things you should not do or add on your websites

    You’ve finally put up your own website and mustered up all your knowledge, creativity and most of all, your money into it. Next, you also gained traffic enough for you to be proud of. It is every website owner’s dream to have heavy amount of traffic every single day. People who visit some websites just […]
  • Ways to getyour audience engaged through viral Facebook Video Ad (1)

    Web Design Trends that are Sure Fire Hits this 2016

    We’ve seen the birth of responsive websites and mobile friendly web designs and how these became a must-have for every business owner. Last year, Google made it official how mobile search is taking the world’s search engines by storm by launching the first mobile algorithm awarding mobile friendly websites with higher search ranking (visibility) on […]
  • The Tricky Business of Keeping Your Site Visitors On-Board

    Now that you have attracted lots of visitors to your website, you need those visitors to become customers. Or else, your site is like a bucket with a big hole – draining all your time, effort and money. Even if these customers sign up, there are chances that they may not come back. Nowadays, capturing […]
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    Linh Podetti – Director of Red & Black Solutions Receives 2015 Young Professionals Alliance Awards

    Linh Podetti, Director and Owner of Red & Black Solutions, was honoured by the Hong Kong Australia Business Association NSW Chapter by recognising her as the recipient of the 2015 Young Professionals Alliance Awards (YPA) last July 28, 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney.
  • Responsive Design Internet Web Graphic Design Team Concept

    The Benefits of Responsive Web Design You Will Love

    Responsive web design offers several benefits for business owners, thus, it must be prioritised as soon as possible. Investing some money in putting up a website that adapt to all types of devices used for browsing the internet provides better user interface (UI) leading to increased sale and revenue. Some of the benefits include: No […]
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    Responsive Web Design – Make it a Priority this Year!

    What is a Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is the norm these days. A business owner must ensure that his website is accessible to different types of devices, such as tablets, computers, laptops and mobile phones. A website that has a responsive web design can easily adapt to the screen, thus, there is no […]
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    A Cry for Help for Nepal’s Earthquake Survivors

    A massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal last Saturday, April 25, 2015, turning a bustling city into ruins. We asked our Kathmandu resident staff, Pramod Chaudhari about the extent of damage that the earthquake left to his area, and he explained to us that Kathmandu and the surrounding valley are home to about 2.5 million people, […]
  • outsource_finger

    Determining When your Business Needs Outsourcing

    A lot of businesses opt for outsourcing assistance instead of hiring a full-time employee to ensure that they can manage their projects efficiently without overspending. However, there are still some who feel skeptical about the entire idea, thinking that this will not work on them as they do not personally see the output. If you […]